Our Personal Mission

Confidence, kindness, and a little peace of mind are really all you need. It is the perfect recipe for your own happiness. The best part about it, is it is completely in your control—whether you believe right now or not. 

Confidence is a state of certainty, a feeling of self-assurance that stems from appreciating your own abilities and personal qualities. Now, confidence is the ultimate “easier said than done” characteristic. It can be difficult to feel confident about yourself. So, what becomes the important thing about confidence, is how you look at it. Think of confidence as a spiral. It can be an upward spiral or a downward spiral and the direction you go is completely up to you. 

An incredible tool to make sure you are spiraling in the right direction, is kindness. Kindness to yourself, specifically. People are far too hard on themselves and don’t give themselves enough credit. We know, we are both perfectionists and our own toughest critics as well. We handle that by kind to ourselves. It is okay to mess up, to make mistakes, to not know something, and to be forgetful. It is important to acknowledge these shortcomings, but it is not okay to dwell on them. Problems are really just opportunities in disguise. When you intentionally think of things as opportunities, your mind becomes excited instead of discouraged. When you intentionally focus on what you can do well and not everything you think you do wrong, you start to climb that spiral staircase to confidence.

Being kind to yourself in this way will lead you to confidence. It will also lead you to a more genuine kindness towards others. We both strive to be confident and kind internally. If you do this, the external takes care of itself. People see you being confident and they feel confident. They see you being kind to yourself and they realize that they can be kind to themselves as well. Build yourself up on a daily basis and others will follow suit. We have discovered that doing these things gives you a profound peace of mind. We can go to sleep at night knowing that we were good to ourselves and good to others and be content in that.