3,2,1... Launch!

We have been thinking and talking about starting a blog for a while now and it is time to just go for it. Ever since we started dating in March 2017, we have been on all sorts of adventures and have been wanting to document them and share them. We both enjoy traveling, trying new things, and taking pictures. As such, starting a blog is a perfect way to share our lifestyle!

         Starting a blog is both exciting and even a little scary! It takes both confidence and vulnerability to share your life with the world. We have spent a lot of time on ourselves developing that confidence, so now it is time to open up to the world and be vulnerable. In doing so, we hope that we can share our joy, our memories, and our developing philosophies with you. As we learn, experience, progress through life, it is our hope that you can come along with us and enjoy the ride.

         As you follow our lives and experiences, you will find that we are more about the process and not the results. We have both been very dedicated lately to fitness and health. Like, we wake up at 5am every morning (or at least try to), work out multiple times a week, and follow a consistent meal plan. However, we are also big fans of the 80/20 lifestyle. The 80/20 lifestyle means that as long as you are on top of your game 80% of the time, you can enjoy that other 20% as you please and not feel bad about it. So, even though you might see us going crazy in the gym or in the kitchen, you will also see us enjoying ourselves out at a cool restaurant or unique cocktail bar trying new things.

If we can motivate you, inspire you, or teach you something new along the way, then we will have accomplished our goal. We’re excited to get this going and we hope you enjoy embarking on this journey with us!

  • Justin & Kylee